33871_568824860207_7097613_nSifu Eric M Emert

Certified Black Belt Instructor:  Lee’s White Leopard Kung Fu & Tai Chi Association

18 years as personal student of Grandmaster Johnny Kwong Ming Lee studying Mizong Lohan, Fu BaGua, and Wu TaiChi.

World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters – 4th Degree instructor

2009 ICMAC World Champion – Traditional Northern Forms 35+


Sifu Eric L Emert

Certified Black Belt Instructor

10 Years Teaching and Competing

Team White Leopard professional demo troupe

2011 Forms Champion – ICMAC  San Francisco

Excellent children’s coach


Kung Fu Masters

       Eric Jr., GM Raymond Wong, GM CH Marr, GM Johnny Lee,  and Eric Sr.

The late Grandmaster Yeh Yu Teng pictured in the background

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